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Trust Governance

The Trust has established a clear organisational structure with identified lines of accountability and reporting for all its operations. This includes defining the responsibilities of the Trust Board and those delegated to its committees and officers within the Trust.

The Trust Board has a set of committees to whom it delegates specific roles and responsibilities as documented in their Terms of Reference:

  • Audit Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • People Committee
  • Standards and Inclusion Committee

Each Academy within the Greenwood Academies Trust has its own Academy Advisory Council (AAC) that works closely with their Principal. The AACs are committees of the Trust Board, which approves their terms of reference.

The AACs are small groups and have staff, parent and community representation; membership details are included on the individual Academy websites.

Although legal responsibilities are held by the GAT Trust Board, the Advisory Councils provide key advice and support to the Principal of the Academy and represent the interests of their community, reporting to the Greenwood Academies Trust Board on local issues to ensure the Academy is as successful as possible.

Members are also encouraged to participating fully in the life of the Academy and act in an ambassadorial role within their community.

There is a clear route of reporting from the AACs through the Standards and Inclusion Committee, who in turn report to the Trust Board.

Further details of the Trust governance arrangements are contained within the documents below:

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