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MAT professional development programme

The Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding, which has just doubled, provides a unique, one-time opportunity to ensure we establish sustainable, healthy, active outcomes and opportunities for every child in every primary academy in every MAT.

To achieve this across the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust we have worked closely for several years with Allison Consultancy, national specialists in providing high impact, high quality professional learning and resources for Primary PE.

Together we have developed and established an outstanding Program of support for all of our primary academies and for key personnel within our Central Executive Team.

This Program, which has been in place for 3 years now, has had a tremendous impact across our MAT. It meets the DFE national Professional Development Standard is a national model of best practice and has consistently received outstanding feedback from our Principals PE Co-ordinators, teaching staff and our CEO.

Your MAT PE & Sport Premium Professional Development Programme 

We will plan, resource and delivery four high quality, high impact days of support:

1 x day of support (6 hours)

For key personal in your Central Executive Team/Trust Governing Body

3 x days of support (3 x 6 hours)

Primary Academy Central Development Network Days for key personnel in your academies

Support for Key Personnel in your Central Executive Team/Trust Governing Body 

Jamie Kilner, Director of Sport on the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust Central Team, has led on and developed a nationally recognised programme of support for his MAT.

In partnership with Stuart Allison, Senior Education Adviser from Allison Consultancy, together they will provide strategic training and resources for key personnel, such as your Central Team PE Lead, to support you, as a MAT, to:

Develop your vision and strategy to maximise the impact and outcomes of your PE & Sport

Premium funding across your academies

Plan and provide, for every one of your primary academies a strategic, co-ordinated, high quality, high impact programme of professional learning, support and resources for PE and Sport

Establish and develop high quality networking, development and the sharing of best practice opportunities for key staff across your academies

Demonstrate and evidence, as a MAT, your effective use and sustainable Impact of your PE and Sport Premium funding

Support for every one of your Primary Academies 

Planned in partnership with you to meet your needs and delivered by us, we will provide 3 x 6 hour, central, Primary Academy Development Network Days for key personnel in your academies, including your Principals and PE Co-ordinators.

To achieve the highest outcomes for all children across your MAT, the Development Network Days will provide targeted, sustainable training to support everyone one of your academies to:

- Quality assure so that they know and have evidence that they are meeting the national DfE and Ofsted requirements in relation to the PE and Sport Premium Funding.

- Prepare them so that they are Ofsted inspection ready with regard to the funding.

- Understand how to assess and evidence progress and attainment within PE against national expectations so that they have this key data available to them as an academy and available to you as a whole MAT.

- Develop quality assurance protocols and establish consistency and the highest standards of practice and procedures in the delivery of PE and Sport across their academy, including best and safe practice when engaging external providers such as sports coaches.

- Understand how to plan and deliver high quality PE lessons within the Ofsted Section 5 framework that engage children in every lesson in healthy, vigorous physical activity through the latest Teaching and Learning approach in PE, Allinson Consultancy’s ‘Move off & Thin © ‘ (MOT programme).

Becoming part of the national Primary PE  &  Sport Premium MAT Professional Development Programme 

At Greenwood Academies Trust each of our primary academies use some of their PE and Sport Premium Funding, which has just doubled, to buy into our MAT Professional Development Programme for PE and Sport.

We can support you to advertise and establish this model with your academies, and through you as a MAT, they can receive high quality, high impact training and resources from quality assured providers, at a discounted rate.

As a MAT you simply engage us directly to work with you and your academies


As MATs vary considerably in size we have developed our costs based on the number of primary academies that would be involved. Please see below: 

Number of Academies Cost per AcademyUp to 10
Up to 10 £1000
11-20 £900
21 + £800  

Please note that these costs include all preparation, resources and delivery in relation to each of the four days of training.

* Based on a minimum of 5 academies.

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