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Strong digital skills for pupils and teachers are vital in today's tech-driven world. They enable effective learning, teaching, and communication, preparing individuals to thrive in digital environments. Therefore, providing a high-quality digital infrastructure, supported by professional training and development of skills for students and staff, is a high priority for us.

All our pupils and staff use the same Microsoft technology stack, which provides a leading edge and secure digital environment to work within. A number of our academies are Microsoft Showcase Schools. For example, visit Newark Hill Academy's website to see how they use Microsoft tools. 

Greenwood Academies Trust is supported by a Managed Service Provider, Our Learning Cloud, who are a Microsoft Global Education Training Partner and provide an extensive range of professional digital training and development opportunities for staff. 

We support numerous pupil programmes with global, as well as local business, to help develop their interest, experience and knowledge of how digital technologies impact the world of work, so they are best prepared to thrive within it.