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Pupils and staff at Woodvale Primary Academy are celebrating after achieving a 'Good' rating from Ofsted in all areas during a recent inspection. This marks a significant advancement since the school's previous inspection in 2019, where Ofsted had assessed it as 'Requires Improvement.'

The report highlights the school's values of strive, support, and succeed, which are not merely words on paper but are said to be “lived out by pupils and staff”. One pupil, echoing the sentiment of many, stated, "Some people start nervous but get to do many different things which build their confidence."

Inspectors describe Woodvale Primary Academy as “highly inclusive”. The school places a strong emphasis on diversity, ensuring that books in the school “celebrate different role models typical of pupils’ own culture and backgrounds”. A poignant pupil quote from the report encapsulates the ethos of Woodvale Primary School: "It doesn't matter if people are different; they should all be treated the same."

The school’s commitment to instilling discipline and responsibility is exemplified through the Woodvale Way. The report states, "It has developed the Woodvale Way which teaches pupils routines such as assembly attitudes and wonderful walking." This initiative, coupled with the school rules 'be ready, be respectful, be safe,' contributes to a positive and respectful atmosphere.

The report further highlights the success of the Woodvale Wonder initiative, where students eagerly earn reward points and celebrate their achievements in Friday assemblies. Parents are actively involved in these celebratory moments, joining their children for hot chocolate and cookies to share in their successes.

The strong sense of teamwork and support within the school is noted by Ofsted inspectors, with pupils and staff appreciating the culture of mutual assistance. As the report states,” Pupils and staff appreciate the teamwork and know that they can always ask for help" and “Staff are proud to work at the school and enjoy being part of the team”. Parents and carers also agree, emphasising that their children feel safe in school.

Furthermore, the report highlights the invaluable support provided by Greenwood Academies Trust, with a commitment to continuous improvement. A quote from the report states, "The Trust supports the work of the school to continue to improve, and make sure that they challenge the school to focus on the right areas." This collaborative effort ensures that Woodvale Primary Academy remains focused on providing an exceptional learning environment for its pupils.

Principal, Matthew Reetz, expressed his gratitude for the positive feedback in the report, stating, "We are delighted that the hard work and dedication of our pupils and staff has been recognised in the recent Ofsted inspection. The positive experiences shared by our pupils, parents, and staff are a testament to the supportive and inclusive community we have built at Woodvale."

Wayne Norrie, CEO at Greenwood Academies Trust, added: “It’s wonderful to see the improvements at Woodvale Primary Academy since its last inspection. Matthew and his colleagues have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the school values are lived out. I’m pleased the report highlights the incredible spirit of support at Woodvale where asking for help is celebrated and the sense of teamwork is strong, creating an environment where everyone thrives together.”