Our Academies

The Chief Executive

Sir Barry Day, OBE


The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust and the Greenwood Academies Trust are led by the Chief Executive, Sir Barry Day OBE, who is responsible for the overall success of all Academies, new opportunities, vision and central support functions.

The Chief Executive has a long and successful history of school improvement, working in some of the most challenging schools in the country and has a proven track record of helping children from deprived backgrounds achieve extremely highly.

The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust is the sponsor organisation. The Greenwood Academies Trust is the operational arm, employing all staff and managing the finances and other central services for the Academies in the group. These services include educational challenge and support, finance, ICT, procurement, HR, catering, data, health and safety and extended opportunities for pupils.

All support functions are managed by Graham Feek, the Deputy Chief Executive.

Our Academies

From 1 September 2014 the GDFT has 26 open Academies:

  • The Nottingham Academy, 3-19
  • The Nottingham Girls' Academy, 11-19
  • The Skegness Academy, 11-19
  • The Weston Favell Academy, in Northampton, 11-19
  • The Stanground Academy, in Peterborough, 11-19
  • The City of Derby Academy 11-16
  • The City of Peterborough Academy Special School, 3-19 (This is a Free School project)
  • The Ingoldmells Academy, 4-11
  • The Houghton Regis Academy, 10-18
  • The Mablethorpe Primary Academy, 3-11
  • The Mansfield Primary Academy, 3-11
  • The Skegness Infant Academy, 3-7
  • The Skegness Junior Academy, 7-11
  • The Queensmead Primary Academy, 3-11
  • The Sunnyside Primary Academy, 4-11
  • The Woodvale Primary Academy, 3-11
  • The Kingswood Primary Academy, 3-11
  • The City of Peterborough Academy, 11-19 (This is a Free School project)
  • The Corby Primary Academy, 4-11
  • The Kingswood Secondary Academy, 11-19
  • The Skegby Junior Academy, 7-11
  • The Welland Academy, 4-11
  • The Green Oaks Primary Academy, 3-11
  • The Newark Hill Academy, 4-11
  • The Beacon Primary Academy, 4-11
  • The Dogsthorpe Academy, 7-11
  • The Bishop Creighton Academy, 4-11

Overall, these Academies are educating over 16,000 pupils.

Principals and Executive Principals

Our Academies are led by outstanding Principals. Whilst working to achieve our organisational core values each Principal is free to develop the curriculum and structures within their own Academy to best serve the community they serve. The GDFT does not impose a standard central curriculum or structure.

We have created a Trust where each Academy can evolve individually, developing best practice that can be shared both within the Trust and more widely.

Principals are challenged and supported by our Executive Principals. Executive Principals are experienced Principals and are responsible for a group of Academies to manage support, set consistently challenging targets and ensure compliance with core Trust values. Executive Principals line-manage their designated Principals and report directly to the Chief Executive.

Further information about our Academies

Further information about our vision, how our Academies work, our Central Team and our Trustees can be found by either clicking on the links detailed below or by clicking on the 'Our Trusts' tab at the top of this page and choosing from the drop down list.