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  • Free School Application to open a new Primary Free School in Northampton

    Published 12/11/18

    The Trust were unable to submit a full application to the Department for Education to propose to open a new Primary Free School in the Upton Park area of Northampton in this round of Free School applications.

    We will continue to work with Northamptonshire County Council in the hope that this project could come to fruition in the future

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  • Consultation launched on school plan to raise standards further for almost 4,000 pupils at the Nottingham Academy

    Published 12/11/18

    A proposal to separate the Nottingham Academy into two new but connected schools will further raise standards, provide for a more bespoke education and give parents more information about the quality of their child’s schooling.

    We have today launched a consultation that the Nottingham Academy, rated Good by Ofsted, should be re-formed on the same sites into two new academies, Colwick Park Academy and Mapperley Park Academy, from September 2019. Both would continue to be led by Greenwood Academies Trust.

    • Colwick Park Academy would be on the Greenwood Campus (including Sneinton Boulevard) of the Nottingham Academy, including the primary academy, and would retain the same year groups (three to 19), with the same pupil roll of 150 in each year group for primary, 300 in each year group for secondary and 260 for post-16.
    • Mapperley Park Academy would be on the Ransom Road Campus, again for the same year groups (age 11 to 16) and with the same capacity of 180 in each year group.

    Both academies will have their own Principal, allowing for strong and specific leadership of each academy, while a bespoke, personalised curriculum that best meets the needs of pupils will be developed and delivered for each of the academies. There will be greater local accountability, with parents and carers able to see exam results from each of the two academies, while Ofsted judgements will reflect their different strengths.

    Staff working at each of the existing campuses will still work on the same sites so there will be no disruption to them, and the teachers, teaching assistants and wider staff whom pupils know and trust will continue to work with them. Senior leaders at the two new academies will be able to deploy resources appropriately to meet their academy’s specific needs.

    There will be no disruption to the education of pupils, with all pupils remaining with their current schools.

    The consultation runs from 12 November 2018 – 21 December 2018.

    There are two consultation events for parents/carers and stakeholders taking place at Nottingham Academy on 6 December 2018. One will be held at the Greenwood Road site and one will be held at the Ransom Road site, both starting at 5.30pm.

    If you are unable to attend one of the consultation events and wish to submit your views, please email by 5pm on 21 December 2018.

    For further details and a copy of the draft admissions arrangements, click on the links below

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  • City of Peterborough Academy Introduces Mental Health Support

    Published 22/10/18

    City of Peterborough Academy becomes the first School/Academy in the country to give all 900 pupils and staff a form of mental health support.

    On #MentalHealthDay, City of Peterborough Academy was graced by YMCA, the founder of the Thrive app and the BBC who documented the launch of app. Thrive is designed to provide mental health support to pupils by allowing them to express their emotions, feelings and concerns all through the comfort of their smartphone/tablet. This process is then followed by a counsellor from YMCA who visits the pupils to personally go into detail about their health.

    City of Peterborough Academy has taken the initiative to provide pupils with after-school and well-being clubs. These clubs have had a huge impact on the pupils, so much so that that the pupils claim “…..these well-being clubs and art therapies allow us to be ‘us’”. As a Trust we understand the importance of ensuring our pupils are in environments that allow them to embrace themselves without the need to constantly feel worried that they are being judged for their uniqueness. We believe the only way a pupil will excel in their learning is if they are able to be themselves comfortably, thus diverting their undivided attention to their education.

    With the rise in technology, smart phones are now common gadgets amongst pupils. Along with the popularity of social media, young people are actively connecting with one another. However, for those pupils who do not wish to engage in social media as frequently, can understandably feel left out from group conversations and social media related discussions.

    Uniting and creating a community

    Statistics show that the majority of pupils and even adults are not comfortable expressing their mental health concerns which causes them to bottle up emotions. To combat this, the Thrive app can strengthen the bonds between pupils as an app of this nature resonates with all pupils. Pupils may wish to share the features and experiences they have with the app which can radically shift the perception and perspective on mental health making more pupils aware of the impact their words and actions have on fellow class mates.

    Courtesy of the desire to excel and the expectations from family and peers, pupils can find themselves mentally overwhelmed. Therefore, combining the use of mental health support along with an app that can be accessed through their mobile phones makes it readily available and accessible for young people at all times.

    The Principal at City of Peterborough Academy, Alex Emmerson, went on to say “these clubs combined with the Thrive app allows for early intervention to uncover any issues the pupils may be experiencing before they manifest”. 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14, which is why an initiative of this nature is so effective at primary and secondary schools.

    The after-school clubs allow pupils to unwind and explore their intuition through creative and expressive forms. As a result, these sessions not only alleviate tension and stress but also help pupils find their true passions and talents that may otherwise be hidden or masked by the external environment.

    For more information on the thrive app click  here

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  • OFSTED 2018 - 2019

    Published 19/10/18

    Sunnyside Primary Academy

    Sunnyside Primary Academy start the new academic year with a glowing Ofsted report that recognises the Academy as a "Good" school.  Being described as a “caring school, with a family feel that enables each pupil to be known and valued”.

    The Principal, Nicola Sayers, and her team at the primary academy received praise for their strong and effective approach to leadership of the academy, with Ofsted noting that they have a “relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching. She said: “I am so pleased that the efforts of every colleague at the academy have been recognised once again by Ofsted. Staff, parents and of course our wonderful pupils, along with our colleagues at Greenwood Academies Trust have all contributed to this excellent result. I would like to thank everyone who has played their part in this success. We look forward to continuing our journey of ongoing improvement.”

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, congratulated Mrs Sayers and her staff for this excellent report.

    For the full Ofsted report please click here

    Woodvale Primary Academy 

    Woodvale Primary Academy, located in Northampton, has been praised by Ofsted for providing a highly creative and inspiring environment for its pupils in its latest inspection, which rated the school ‘Good’.  

    Following the academy’s first ever inspection in 2014, where it was commended for its “high expectations”, the academy has again received recognition from Ofsted for its dedication and hard work to create an environment which allows for every pupil to thrive.

    Principal David Ribbins, alongside his leadership team, were complimented for “developing strong links” with both the academy’s sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust, and its wider community.

    Inspectors also praised the academy’s attention to pupil wellbeing and welfare. Pupils state that they “feel happy at school” and enjoy the external trips and inventive lessons planned by staff, such as the Year 6 classrooms being set up as air-raid shelters to match those used in the Second World War.

    The leadership team at Woodvale Primary Academy were also commended for their effective guidance, and for the support they provide to staff which allows them to make good progress in their careers, something both the academy and Greenwood Academies Trust pride themselves on.

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    We are thrilled for Mr Ribbins and his team at Woodvale Primary Academy. The Ofsted report clearly recognises the academy’s commitment to provide pupils with the best possible education in an environment that helps them to thrive.

    “The Trust looks forward to seeing what’s next for the academy, and we will continue to support them in every way that we can as they press ahead with their journey to become an Outstanding academy.”

    For the full Ofsted report please click here

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  • Free School Application to open a new Primary Free School in Nottingham

    Published 08/10/18

    In support of the Regeneration Project and new housing developments in the Trent Basin, Waterside area of Nottingham, Greenwood Academies Trust have submitted an application to the Department for Education to propose  the  opening of a new Primary Academy as part of the Free School application process. This would be a 420 place Primary Academy with a 60 place Nursery which we would plan to open in September 2021.

    The Trust has support from Nottingham City Council to open a new Primary Academy to meet the future need for school places in the area. If this proposal is approved, we will work with the Local Authority to identify a suitable site for the new Academy.

    We are pleased that we are in a position as a Trust to consider adding more schools to our primary portfolio; this is also a reflection of the improvements we continue to make in outcomes in progress and attainment at all levels within the Trust.

    The DFE will announce all successful applications in spring 2019 

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  • Careers Education: Going above and beyond

    Published 03/10/18

    Careers Education: Going above and beyond.

    The Greenwood Academies Trust have placed an emphasis on raising the profile for careers & employability across the Trust. As a result of this shift in focus, the Enrichment team have created a programme that involves a career lead in each Academy from early years up to sixth form.

    Sian Gresswell, Education Advisor for Careers and Employability is responsible for enhancing the careers and employability aspect past the statutory requirements. The Trust has a statutory obligation to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks, which were adopted by the government in its Careers Strategy (December 2017). However, our aim is to go beyond that.

    The eight Gatsby Benchmarks, as featured in the Good Career Guidance report (2013) are:

    1. A stable careers programme.
    2. Learning from career and labour market information.
    3. Addressing the needs of each pupil.
    4. Linking curriculum learning to careers.
    5. Encounters with employers and employees.
    6. Experiences of workplaces.
    7. Encounters with further and higher education.
    8. Personal guidance.

    And our own key aims are to:

    1. Follow the statutory guidance.
    2. Challenge stereotypes.
    3. Raise aspirations.
    4. Broaden horizons.
    5. Make people aware of the pathways available to them.
    6. Increase self-confidence, positivity and key employability skills.
    7. Improve financial awareness

    Individual Strategies:

    With 34 Academies across the Trust, we have to ensure a strategy for all our Academies is put in place. Each Academy is supported by the Trust and introduced to several different businesses and organisations that can provide them with insight on different programmes and initiatives around careers & employability. Our aim is to have a trained careers lead for each of our secondary Academies by the end of the next academic year.

    Apprenticeships and other opportunities

    We understand and respect that some of our pupils might not want to go the university route, so our range of programmes ensure they are also exposed to apprenticeship programmes.

    We listen to the pupils to make sure we are giving them access to people who work in the areas that they are interested in. For example, more than 20 per cent of our students said they were interested in a career in sports, so we got the secondary schools in our Trust together and invited people from a range of different sports roles so that the students could see the range of jobs available.

    Partnerships and Support

    The Trust has partnered with DHL and Capital One amongst other influential businesses. Affiliating with these organisations allows us to offer insight into different roles and also use the expertise of their staff to help inform our young people. To get a well-rounded picture, we ensure we involve those staff members who went in as an apprentice as well as the university route.

    Skills for employability and lifelong success

    The Trust’s “Your Character Counts” initiative was launched last year and it forms a fundamental part of our careers strategy. We want all our students to have career management skills because we realise it is not just about knowing what you want to do – it is actually crucial to have the right skills to navigate a rapidly changing world. Confidence, independent research skills, team-work and collaboration are all vital.

    Key research done on careers and employability education found that if young people have four memorable and meaningful interactions with employers before leaving school then they’re five times more likely to be successful in getting a job.

    As a result of this work, our pupils have expressed their confidence and enhanced awareness regarding the world of careers & employability. Engaging with local business communities has allowed our pupils to set their compasses in the right direction so when they leave school they are on the right path, a path that is specifically tailored to them.

    For the full article, click here

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  • Official Opening - Studfall Infant & Junior Academies

    Published 25/09/18

    Wednesday 19th September 2018 marked the day of the official opening for Studfall Infant Academy and Studfall Junior Academy that celebrated their conversion from local authority schools to academies. They both joined the Trust on the 1st of June 2018.

    To commemorate the opening, both Studfall Junior Academy and Studfall Infant Academy held assemblies followed by teddy bear picnics involving pupils and staff members.

    Wayne Norrie, Chief Executive of the Trust, attended both assemblies and formally welcomed pupils and staff to the Trust before Mike Hamlin, Chair of the Trust Board formally opened the academies by unveiling a plaque at each site.

    Wayne Norrie said: “We are delighted that the Studfall Infant Academy and Studfall Junior Academy have joined the Trust and they will help strengthen our presence educating 3-19 pupils in the Corby area. The pupils and staff will be able to work very closely with all our other academies across the Trust but also in the local area. Each has a superb, highly skilled and dedicated staff team and we are confident they will be a huge asset to our group.”

    Kim Kirchin and Louise McGeachie, Principals said:

    “We are very excited to be part of the Greenwood Academies Trust. Both Studfall schools have already benefitted from working with other academies across Corby in the Trust and we are really looking forward to continuing this great team work. The Greenwood Academies Trust shares our commitment to communities, families and children; together we will continue to offer a great education to the children of Corby. Exciting times ahead!”

    Click on the link below for the local press release

    Studfall Schools formally join new Trust

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  • OCR Cambridge Nationals Qualifcation

    Published 24/09/18

    Greenwood Academies Trust announces its partnership with the OCR through the Cambridge Nationals Sport Science and Sports Studies qualification at the Kingswood Secondary Academy.

    Cambridge Nationals are full time vocational qualifications in a range of engaging subjects that are equivalent in size to GCSEs. They provide an excellent start for vocational study and enable progression to Level 3 vocational qualifications, such as Cambridge Technicals, A Levels and apprenticeships.

    Cambridge Nationals in Sport are targeted at 14-16 year olds in a school environment. They’re available as an Award and a Certificate, with the Certificate being the same size as a GCSE. They use both internal and external assessment and meets the DfE’s requirements for attainment tables and headline performance measures.

    The Cambridge Nationals in Sport Science offer learners the opportunity to study key areas of sport science including anatomy and physiology linked to fitness, health, injury and performance; the science of training and application of training principles, and psychology in sport and sports performance.

    Pupils from Kingswood Secondary Academy have taken a liking towards this qualification. Andrew Burton, Principal of Kingswood Secondary Academy went on to say “not only do the pupils love it, but they are successful at it”.

    Offering an academic qualification in P.E. opens doors for pupils who have a passion for sports as it provides a concrete route that could lead to Sport Science careers via A levels and University.

    We are aware that some pupils excel academically when compared to physical forms of education, which is why the OCR qualification stood out to the Trust as it encompasses a theoretical aspect to the course. As a result of the depth, the qualification has attracted a range of students, including those drawn to the academic elements of P.E such as Sports Psychology.

    The sports teachers at Kingswood Secondary Academy share a similar view to the pupils regarding the benefits of the Cambridge Nationals.  Matt Gamble, Head of P.E. & Sport stated that the “…qualification not only suited the pupils but also the workload of the teachers”.

    The Trust is proud to associate itself with the OCR, as we understand that this partnership can provide many more opportunities for our pupils as well as our staff members when it comes to development.

    For the full video and more information click  here 

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  • Stanground Academy welcome new principal

    Published 06/09/18

    Students and staff at Stanground Academy in Peterborough welcomed George Lewis as its new Principal.

    Mr Lewis brings a wealth of leadership experience and passion to his new role, having previously served as Vice-Principal for eight years at Bedford Academy, rated Good by Ofsted with Outstanding leadership and management.

    Stanground Academy, which is rated Good by Ofsted and is sponsored by Greenwood Academies Trust, also has two new Deputy Principals starting this term, Simon Jay and Kevin Ainslie.

    Click here for more information 

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  • GCSE Results Overview

    Published 28/08/18

    Statement from the Chief Executive: 

    "Well done to the young people and staff at our secondary academies. We have seen some exceptional individual results for some very talented and dedicated students. I am delighted to see the improvement in GCSE results this year across the Trust. We have an incredibly talented team of people working in our academies who are supported by The Education Support Team; I am delighted that their hard work, commitment and talent is being rewarded with an considerable improvement in results across our Primary and Secondary academies this year. I look forward to the Trust continuing to improve results in 2019!" Wayne Norrie, Chief Executive 

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  • Stanground GCSE celebration

    Published 23/08/18

    Stanground Academy is celebrating the fantastic GCSE results of its students. There are more top grades than ever before and big improvements across English, Mathematics and Science.

    Yvonne Bowen, Chair of the Academy Advisory Council, added “I am very proud of the achievements of our students and wish them the very best of luck in their next steps, whether that is at Stanground Academy Sixth Form, starting an apprenticeship or studying somewhere else. They have all been really well supported by their teachers and deserve this rich success."

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  • Weston Favell Academy GCSE success

    Published 23/08/18

    Pupils at the Weston Favell Academy are celebrating after receiving another year of tremendous results in their GCSE or equivalent courses of study.

    “In the context of new, more challenging examinations at GCSE, we are delighted that our students have continued to achieve and the academy continues to improve.” Lorna Leventhal, Principal 

    Click here for more information on Weston Favell Academy's GCSE results .


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