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Learning Alliance

The Greenwood Learning Alliance has been created to develop and promote the strong learning culture across the Trust.
Developing professional skills and providing effective learning opportunities for our people invests in their futures. This investment will result in talented and dedicated teachers, support staff and leadership teams working effectively within our academies and across the wider Trust. Our Learning Alliance is a superb way to share best practice and continue to develop and contribute to the wider educational system by creating and offering professional development opportunities that:
  • Encourages professional dialogue within a climate of trust.
  • Continually improves, explores new ways of working and seeks exciting research and innovation.
  • Is strategically planned to produce the next generation of high-quality teachers and leaders.


The Greenwood Learning Alliance aims to: 
  • To raise standards and make significant improvements in the quality of teaching and learning, leadership and pupil attainment.
  • To develop a strong learning culture across the Trust. 
  • To offer a range of professional development opportunities for leaders, teachers and support staff across the Trust including identifying the best leaders and teachers from across the Learning Alliance to provide professional development, tailor development across the alliance and offer opportunities for accreditation and academy-based research.
  • To lead the development of academy-led initial teacher training and have a clear plan for teacher training including access to outstanding lessons and teachers for observation and planning, mentoring, quality assurance and coordination of initial teacher training with professional development opportunities.
  • To identify and develop leadership potential and develop successful succession planning strategies to develop the right people to fill leadership positions in the future.
  • To contribute to the coordination of academy-to-academy support to bring about improvement.
  • To develop a Teaching and Learning Consultant programme across the Trust to help others achieve outstanding practice in their area of specialism.
  • To be engaged in Academy based research and development including building on existing research, developing new initiatives and sharing learning from research and development work with all academies in the Trust.

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