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Dance Festivals 

Regional Dance Festivals took place between the 28th February to 23rd of March 2018 at City of Peterborough Academy, Nottingham Girls' Acadmey, Weston Favell Academy, Kingswood Secondary Academy and Skegness Academy.


During each event several other Primary Academies such as Mansfield, Queensmead and many more joined in and formed mini alliances to perform creative arts in the form of dancing.

These events showcased the creative mind-sets of the pupils and got them up and moving. It was a fantastic change for the young pupils as they stepped out of their comfort zone, collaborated and performed spectacularly. The festival was then topped off  by certificates to acknowledge the efforts of the pupils.  

"These events were designed to promote creativity and encourage our primary school pupils to think outside the box. The festivals also built upon the pupil’s team working skills, an area that is seldom focused upon at this age. I believe the children felt recognised for their efforts and enjoyed the change." Jamie Kilner - Director of Sport

For more information on the Dance Festivals visit the Academy websites and Twitter accounts, as well as our own account GAT

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