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Meet the apprentice – Jess Wardle, People Support Apprentice, People Directorate

What attracted you to the apprenticeship role?

I have always been a learn on the job type of person, and an apprenticeship allows me to do that. I was very interested in the fact that I would get a lot of experience dealing with real life work scenarios and develop the skills to find a solution myself. After all, you can learn so much from a book but there’s nothing better than experiencing it first hand – preparing you for your career.

Describe a typical day.

As I have been working from home due to Covid-19, my typical day isn’t exactly what it would usually be if I was in the office, no rushing through traffic or getting stuck behind lorries so to speak. I grab my coffee and get straight to work. My average day usually consists of completing my more day to day jobs that have been assigned to me, all of which come through as and when they are passed over. Depending on the day, I complete some monthly tasks, all deadline orientated. I stay in touch with my colleagues throughout the day, asking any questions I may have and participating in Operational Meetings to catch up with everyone.

As we are in a pandemic, I like to get out the house for half an hour and take my dogs on a little walk. Not sure if they understand why I’m at home so much, but if they could talk, I don’t think they would be complaining!

I always try to keep some time to go towards my apprenticeship work, maybe half an hour to an hour per day just to complete my logs and evidence, I find it a lot easier to write it down the day I have done it rather than leaving it until last minute and forgetting.

How is your apprenticeship training delivered during the pandemic?

As I am currently working from home, everything is delivered remotely. I have monthly video chats with my tutor for assessments and assigning new work and we always email each other in-between just to keep in touch if I have any concerns or need some help with my work. If I’m not speaking to my tutor, I’m speaking to my mentor at work who is there if I need any help completing anything or just need some advice. I am very supported.

What do you like best about your role?

My role allows me to do what I do best…organise. I have always had a knack for organisation, and this allows me to showcase that. I love that I constantly learn something new and I get challenged every day with meeting deadlines, solving problems, and offering my opinions! Most importantly, the people I work with are a very important reason as to why I love my role. It’s a true saying that the people you work with have a big effect on your experience at work. The support and advice is overflowing and I’m very grateful for that.

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