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  • Houghton Regis Academy – Listening period begins ahead of closure

    Published 26/02/20

    The Secretary of State for Education, in mutual agreement with the Trust, has now made the substantive and final decision to proceed to closure of Houghton Regis Academy.  However, in order to reduce the impact of the closure, we have agreed a proposed closure transition plan which means the Academy will remain open for some year groups until 31 August 2022. 

    We will now conduct a ‘listening period’. The listening period is an opportunity for stakeholders and interested parties such as pupils, parents and staff to be provided with more information about the proposed closure process. It is also an opportunity for you to submit your views on how the process can best be managed. This will start on 28th February and end at 5pm on 27th March 2020.

    On Tuesday, 10 March at 6pm there will also be a public meeting at the academy, which all interested parties can attend. The aim of the session is to allow stakeholders the opportunity to give their views on the proposed closure transition plan.

    For further information, please find below a letter from the Trust.

    If you wish to submit your views on the proposed closure transition plan, please click here or email

    For admissions information for current Year 9 and Year 10 pupils, please click here

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  • Coronavirus information

    Published 26/02/20

    Greenwood Academies Trust is monitoring daily updates and advice from the UK Government in regards to the Coronavirus. We are keeping our Principals updated with the Government’s latest recommended measures to keep pupils and staff safe. Although the risk to individuals remains low, and we have not had any issues within our Academies, as always the active involvement of the whole Academy community in maintaining good hygiene practices will be vital in minimising the chances of any viruses spreading. 

    Our Principals will keep pupils, parents and staff advised of any necessary arrangements as soon as practicable in relation to daily Academy activity and any visits overseas. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and issue any updated Government guidance to Principals. 

    The Department of Health and Public Health England are advising extra precautions for people returning from a number of areas overseas and all our Academies will be following this guidance, which can be found here, along with a list of affected countries. If any members of your family, including pupils, visit any of the listed countries or are visited by people coming to the UK from these countries, they should follow the advice in the link above.

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  • National Apprenticeship Week 2020

    Published 07/02/20

    This week it’s been National Apprenticeship Week and it’s a great time to highlight the variety of apprenticeships across the Greenwood Academies Trust. There are currently over 20  new apprentices completing Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships across the Trust in areas such as teaching support, IT, laboratory technician, accounting and business administration.

    Leamarie joined the People Directorate in November 2019 working towards a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship. She is gaining experience across a range of functions in the team, including payroll and the maintenance of staff records. Leamarie enjoys seeing how the work she does contributes to the team’s objectives. Check out this short video where Leamarie tells us a bit more about her apprenticeship experience:



    Sam Dickens is almost a year into a Learning Assistant apprenticeship which will see him gain the Teaching Assistant Level 3 at the end of it. Based at the Purple Oaks Academy in Northampton, Sam finds one of the most rewarding aspects of his role is supporting students to learn key life skills. He hopes to use his qualification to go on to university.

    Many of our existing staff are also gaining recognised qualifications at Level 4, 5 and 7 in a range of areas including HR, catering, senior leadership, teaching support, and facilities management.

    Beth and Joe in the People Directorate are both developing their careers by working towards the HR Consultant (CIPD Level 5) qualification via the apprenticeship route. This is what Beth had to say - ‘Having the opportunity to study for a professional qualification through an Apprenticeship is an option I did not think would be available to me. However, this is a great way for me to further my professional and personal development, and gaining this accreditation will be hugely beneficial to both my individual role and the contribution I make within the wider team.’ Whilst Joe has found that his apprenticeship has enabled him to develop his knowledge and understanding of the day to day queries that come in the People Directorate and well as more complex issues. ‘It’s something I did not realise I could do.’

    We love celebrating the success of our apprentices too! Congratulations to Kieran at Stanground Sports Centre who has recently completed his Level 2 in Leisure Operations. 'I have really enjoyed completing my apprenticeship at Stanground! The course was interesting and I have learnt lots of new skills, including achieving my NPLQ qualification. The team have been really supportive and have helped me along the way'.

    For more great content regarding apprenticeships and working at GAT, please visit the @Work4GAT Twitter page! We also invite you to have a look at our Vacancies page! 

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  • Meet an apprentice

    Published 06/02/20

    My Name is Sam and I have been an apprentice at Purple Oaks Academy since February 2019. Purple Oaks is a special academy that has students with a range of special educational needs, but mostly autism and severe learning difficulties. 

    Why did you decide to start an apprenticeship? 

    I decided to start an apprenticeship at Purple Oaks Academy as I am a practical learner (I’d rather learn on the job than through exams and textbooks). I first joined the Academy in September 2018 on a college placement which I thoroughly enjoyed as I learned a lot about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Autism. I was then told there was an apprenticeship position available for the classroom that I had worked in whilst a college student and I was keen to apply to further my knowledge on SEND.

    Can you describe a typical day?

    A typical day for me at Purple Oaks Academy consists of me welcoming the students into the academy and supporting them to complete their morning task. I help them to understand their schedule for the day, as some students find it hard to cope with transitions. The children will then start their first lesson and I support them by helping them to understand their work or regulate their emotions if they’re finding it hard to cope. 

    The children then go out for playtime and I encouraged them to play games and start conversations. After the break, they go to Snack, where they learn key life skills. After another lesson, it is lunchtime followed by a 15-minute Relax session to help the children calm their emotions and prepare for learning.  During this time, they learn how to regulate themselves and cope with their emotions as sometimes their high-anxiety levels can cause them to struggle throughout the day. After Relax is finished, they will move on to their afternoon session which is usually a topic lesson based on our them, followed by Reward Time, if they have made the right choices, then a story and snacks before going home.  

    During the school day, I support the class teacher to deliver the best teaching and learning possible for the children during structured lessons. Throughout the day we are consistently promoting that our students learn key life skills to set them up for their future, whether that’s by teaching them to tie their shoelaces, put their coat on or regulate and manage their emotions. 

    What do you like best about your role? 

    The thing I like best about my role is how rewarding it can be. I get to see first-hand what a difference we can make to a student’s education. Also, the staff I work with whilst being at the Academy have been extremely supportive to me throughout my apprenticeship, especially my mentor who provides any help I might need. 

    As part of my role, I have also had many training opportunities provided by the Academy.  Just last week I was sent to do a Paediatric First Aid course. 

    What are your plans after you complete your apprenticeship? 

    After I have completed my apprenticeship I would like to get a full-time job with children or adults with learning difficulties, such as autism; and then in a few years, I’d like to go to university to do a degree to become a teacher of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

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  • Consultation on a proposed change to term dates commencing September 2020 onwards

    Published 06/01/20

    Six Academies within the Greenwood Academies Trust (GAT) and two David Ross Academies (DRET) on the East Coast are proposing a change to term dates commencing from September 2020.

    For further details please see the attached letter.

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  • Greenwood Learning Alliance Big Bang Leadership Day

    Published 06/11/19

    Big Bang Leadership Conference places available to external delegates! £100 per person, 20.11.19, KingsGate Conference Centre, Peterborough. Email to book!

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  • Re: Proposal to amend the age range at the Ingoldmells Academy

    Published 14/10/19

    Following the consultation for the proposal to amend the age range from 4-11 to 2-11 at the Ingoldmells Academy, we can confirm that the Greenwood Academies Trust has submitted a significant change business case to the Department for Education for approval to proceed with the proposal.

    Please find below a copy of the consultation report for information.

    Any further updates will be posted here.

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  • Proposal for two new primary free schools in Northampton

    Published 09/10/19

    Greenwood Academies Trust has submitted an expression of interest to the Department for Education to propose to open two new primary free schools in the Upton Park and Moulton area of Northampton.

    The Trust will need to submit a full application to the DfE by 11 November 2019.

    You can find further information in the brochure below.

    If you wish to comment on the proposals please email by 31 October 2019.

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  • Nethergate Academy Expansion given approval by the DfE

    Published 03/10/19

    The business case for the expansion of the Nethergate Academy to include 48 additional places for pupils with ASD from September 2020 has been given approval by the DfE this week.

    We will now be working with Nottingham City Council to build the new unit.

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  • Houghton Regis Academy

    Published 25/09/19

    The Greenwood Academies Trust inform stakeholders that the closure of the Houghton Regis Academy is currently under consideration.

    Please see the letter below for further information.

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  • Proposal to amend the age range at the Ingoldmells Academy

    Published 09/09/19

    The Ingoldmells Academy have commenced consultation to propose to change the age range from 4-11 to 2-11 to allow for additional pre-school places at the Ingoldmells Academy as of 1 January 2020. The consultation ends on 4 October at 5pm. Please find below further details about the proposal.

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  • A new academy joins the Greenwood Academies Trust on 1 September 2019

    Published 29/08/19

    Seathorne Primary Academy (formerly The Skegness Seathorne Primary School) in Skegness, Lincolnshire, joins the Greenwood Academies Trust on 1 September 2019. Since September 2018, the Leadership Team of the Trust has been working alongside the school to provide strategic support for teaching and learning.

    With Seathorne Primary Academy joining the Trust, this now takes the number of academies sponsored by the Trust to 35, with 7 academies specifically in Lincholnshire, educating over 17,000 pupils. The Academy caters for pupils from 3-11.

    From 1 September 2019, the Academy will also have a new Principal, Mrs Kris Radford, to lead the Academy.

    Kris has lived and worked in Lincolnshire for over 20 years, nearly 11 of which in recent years, she has been as Headteacher of a primary school in South Kesteven, followed by one year working with an Academy Leadership Team in Peterborough within the Trust.

    Wayne Norrie, Chief Executive of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    I am delighted that Seathorne Primary Academy has joined the Trust and really pleased to have attracted a great new Principal to lead the academy. Mrs K Radford will be an excellent leader for this new academy joining the Trust”.

    Mrs Kris Radford, Principal of Seathorne Primary Academy, said:

    I had always intended to return to Lincolnshire and I couldn’t have found a better place for that than Seathorne Primary Academy. I can see that the team have worked extremely hard this year to ensure the pupils were able to make the best of their time in school and there are already great things planned for their learning from September. The pupils themselves have been a pleasure to meet and I look forward to getting to the know them all in the coming months”.

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