The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust (GDFT) believes that sport can be used as the vehicle to raise the aspirations, attainment, confidence and self-belief of children and young people. Sport enables pupils to learn about teamwork, communication, discipline, morale and the importance of being active as part of a healthy lifestyle.

At a time when School Sports Partnerships nationally are being disbanded and many schools are cutting back on PE staff time in the local community, the GDFT is committed to providing sporting experiences for children of all ages and abilities.

The Trust appointed a Director of Sport in April 2013 to support the sports departments within each Academy, who already have extensive expertise and unwavering enthusiasm, to enhance their sports provision, share best practice and ensure that all pupils benefit from the outstanding facilities we have across the Trust.


Through sport, the GDFT aims to:

  • Create a sports legacy throughout the Trust and, where appropriate, use sport as a foundation to raise aspirations, attainment and opportunity;
  • Develop and sustain competitive inter-Academy sporting opportunities for all pupils within the Trust at both primary and secondary levels;
  • Develop a consistent and coherent 3-19 programme for the delivery of Physical Education (PE) and sport across the Trust;
  • Identify and support athletes at an elite level at the early stages of their development; and
  • Identify and secure funding pathways which enhance provision, facilities, equipment, training and opportunities.

Inter-Academy competitions

There are a number of inter-Academy competitions held each year:

  • The Academies Shield - held in May
  • Primary Indoor Sports Hall Athletics - held in June
  • Inter-Academy Athletics Championships - held in July
  • Basketball Festival - held in December

Sports Partnerships

There are a number of Sports Partnerships that have been developed across the Trust:

  • Click here to find out more about the Stanground Academy Sports Partnership.
  • Click here to find out more about the Coastal Sports Partnership.