National Student Volunteering Week

22 Feb 2017
National Student Volunteering Week 2017

National Student Volunteering Week 2017 will run between the 20th – 26th of February 2017 and this year will be the 16th anniversary of the event. Across the UK many organisations, including the Greenwood Academies Trust, are celebrating the selfless work of many students.

Throughout our Trust we have many students who are brilliant examples of what is means to be a student volunteer - take a look at the case study below which showcases just one example. Their work demonstrates the attributes of being a modern citizen who cares for their communities and takes pride in helping others.

The Trust takes much pride in the behavior of our students both inside and outside of our academies. We would like to share some much deserved credit and praise to these individuals.

This national event fits perfectly with the Trust’s campaign for this term which is all about supporting young people to grow into the right careers. There is lots of evidence to suggest that as well as providing the obvious feel-good factor, volunteering has a number of key benefits for your career such as gaining valuable skills and real-life work experience. Many employers view the inclusion of any volunteering commitment on a CV or job application as extremely positive.

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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award students need to complete six months volunteering and evidence this as part of their award. Kira, a student at the Nottingham Academy, volunteers at Stonebridge Farm in St Anns every Sunday. She gained this placement by contacting the farm, attending a meeting at the farm and completing an application form. As well as providing a farm and horticultural space for the local community, the farm also offers training for adults with special educational needs.

- What do you do at Stonebridge Farm?
I do lots of different things from mucking out the animals to doing the daily health checks on rabbits and guinea pigs.

- What made you start volunteering?
It was a requirement of my Duke of Edinburgh award, but I have always wanted to volunteer at Stonebridge Farm because I think it will help me in the future as I want to be a vet, it’s good to start building my experience. For Duke of Edinburgh I need to take part in volunteering for six months, but I will continue after that and I would like to volunteer at the RSPCA.

- What difference does your volunteering make?
I see the impact of my help because it is a charity and there are lots of jobs that need doing, if volunteers weren’t there they would need to pay more staff which would impact how much they can do in the community.

- What do you like about volunteering?
I love being around the animals, it makes me very happy and I have met lots of new people working at Stonebridge Farm. I’ve already started to gain skills that will help me in the future. The staff at the farm are very grateful for my help and the support of all the volunteers. I feel valued and I like to know I am making a difference.