SATs Week 2017

08 May 2017
Students sits their SATs Exams

This week, pupils in Year 6 within our primary academies are taking part in the key stage 2 tests (commonly referred to as SATs).

Last year, the tests changed significantly to reflect the new primary curriculum, which was introduced in 2014. To find out more about the new tests, take a look at the leaflet produced by the Government called “Information for parents: Results from the 2016 national curriculum at the end of key stage 2” which you can find online by clicking here.

“The tests are not qualifications and don’t affect your child’s future options in school. The results are an opportunity to compare pupils nationally to ensure schools are helping pupils to master the basics in English and mathematics, and make progress. They are also an important tool to help teachers identify pupils who may need additional support, and make sure this is put in place as early as possible.”

Standards and Testing Agency

We understand that this can be a stressful time for children and their families so here are our top three tips for staying calm and feeling motivated:

1. Drink plenty of water – Research suggests that drinking plenty of water whist studying can release more oxygen to the brain therefore making it 14% faster than normal

2. Get plenty of sleep – On average children aged 6-13 need up to 11 hours sleep per day for their brain to function healthily. If your child struggles to fall asleep at night some research that having a bath an hour before bed can relax the body making it easier to fall asleep. Also try not to let children interact with electronic devices before bedtime as this can keep the brain awake and active for 1 hour +.

3. Revise but take breaks – During revision time it’s important not to have any distractions so maybe turn the TV off and put electronic devices in a different room. But make sure children take a break as this can boost productivity by 30%.

Whilst our pupils deserve a high quality education which ensures they are ready to successfully move onto the next stage of their learning, we see SATs results as just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle as our pupils are more than percentages on a spread sheet. We would like to wish all year 6 pupils the very best of luck with their SATs - you are all #GATchampions to us!