National Careers Week 2017

08 Mar 2017
Celebrating National Careers Week 2017

During the 6th – 11th of March 2017 many organisations across the UK will take part in National Careers Week. This week is dedicated to promoting the importance of good careers education in schools and colleges, founded and backed by a number of volunteers with a wealth of experience from education, business and careers guidance.

The Trust understands the importance of providing young people with opportunities to develop employability skills. Our aim for all of our young people is that they go on to achieve successful and fulfilling careers in the future. This national event also fits perfectly with the Trust’s campaign for this term which is all about supporting young people to 'grow into the right careers'. 

This week, many of our academies have celebrated National Careers Week, as well as National Apprenticeship Week and International Women’s Day, by hosting a wide range of events and putting on activities which inspire pupils and enable them to make informed decisions whenever choices are open to them about.

Below are examples of what has been happening in our secondary academies.

Weston Favell Academy – Northampton

All year groups took part in an assembly with the Director of Careers. The aim of the assembly was to share information about careers, training and volunteering so that students understand the idea of 'active careers research' and the value of 'building networks'.

The academy is also running a competition for students in years 7 to 13. Students are encouraged to find as many links to careers, training and volunteering from people they know and use the information to create a 'Careers Web' poster. 

In addition to these in-house activities, 50 students in years 11 to 13 will visit the National Apprenticeship Show in Milton Keynes on Tuesday 14 March.

Nottingham Girl's Academy - Nottingham

The Head of Year 11 and Co-ordinator of Careers and Employability is delivering assemblies all week to every year group.

These assemblies aim to inspire girls to pursue careers in fields which might be seen as a predominantly male.

Two apprentices from the Trust's Central Team joined the assembly for Year 8 students to talk about their personal journey and share their experiences to date of being an apprentice.

For more information about National Careers Week website, click here.