International Volunteers Day

05 Dec 2016
The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust celebrates International Volunteer Day.

December 5th is International Volunteer Day. The Greenwood Academies Trust wants to join in and celebrate this day as we have many volunteers offering their services throughout our organisation. These volunteers bring added value to the Trust, with their skills and support.

As part of International Volunteer Day, we would like to share some of the inspiring volunteer work that takes place in our Academies. Recently, the Weston Favell Academy held a CV and Interview Skills Session. This session is used to inspire our pupils and to develop their learning in undergoing job interviews and CV writing. This session was delivered with the help from local volunteers, who provided their skills, knowledge and support for our pupils. We would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers from all our Academies for their hard work and support.

Another volunteer role within an Academy is membership of the Academy Advisory Council.  Members of these Councils play an important part in our Academy communities.

They are an advisory body, required by the Trust, with an over-riding purpose to support the Academy Principal in the appropriate day to day procedures of the Academy (through feedback and advice) and to identify opportunities to further improve the life experiences and career possibilities of pupils within their Academy.

The Councils now have much more of a local focus, are led by the Academy Principal and have more parent and community members representing the interests of the local area. They bring in a range of important skills and opportunities for our pupils, using their experience in business for example.

All parent and community members are unpaid voluntary positions; they agree to give up their time to participate in the life of their Academy, attend Academy events and act in an ambassadorial role for the Academy in their community. Without their input, we could not successfully run these Councils.

We would like to use this day to reflect on the hard work of all our volunteers who bring a positive dimension into Academy life.

As the Advisory Councils move over to the new Terms of Reference, all of our Academies are currently recruiting parent and/or community members. If you have a child at an Academy, or you are a member of the community and are interested, please contact your local Academy for more details.

The AAC acts as a vital link between the Academy and its community, providing an essential mechanism to ensure the efficient and effective flow of information through to the Trust Board.

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