International Dance Day

28 Apr 2017
The Trust celebrates International Dance Day 2017

April 29th is known as the International Dance Day. Many people from around the world celebrate the art of dance and share their talents with others.

Within our academies we have some very talented individuals and many have celebrated International Dance Day by taking part in one of our Regional Dance Festivals.

 Northampton (17th March) – hosted by Weston Favell Academy. These Academies that took part:

Peterborough (21st March) – hosted by the City of Peterborough Academy. These Academies that took part:

Nottingham (21st March) – hosted by the Nottingham Girls' Academy. These Academies that took part:

Corby (28th March) – hosted by the Kingswood Secondary Academy. These Academies that took part:

East Coast (date to be confirmed in July) – hosted by the Skegness Academy. These Academies will take part:

The Regional Dance Festivals have had a number of different themes from classical interpretation to the Lion King. The overarching objectives were to allow the pupils to develop their dance skills and to deconstruct a dance routine. There was also real emphasis  on the attending members of staff, with the expectation that staff enhance their own knowledge and understanding of choreography and then disseminate this information back at their individual academies.

The Dance Festivals fit perfectly with the Trust’s theme this term which is all about celebrating GAT Champions.The Festivals are a great example of how the Trust is enabling students to develop technical skills as well as supporting their social, personal and cultural development.

“We were delighted to welcome three primary academies from the Trust to the Weston Favell Academy for the Regional Dance Festival. The Rushden, Woodvale and Sunnyside academies all brought 30 students to take part in a full day of dance.

"The day started with each academy being split off with their student leaders and moving to a designated space. The student leaders were all members of Weston Favell Academy's Gifsted & Talented extra-curricular dance club called Prowess. The student leaders had been working hard for the last couple of weeks to choreograph movement for the students to learn.

"All students took part in an initial warm up, playing games and stretching. Then came the hard part of learning the choreography. All the students worked extremely hard and managed to pick it up relatively quickly.

"Mrs O’Brien (Head of Performing Arts at the Weston Favell Academy) and I were extremely impressed by the students and their enthusiasm and effort not to mention how polite and courteous they were – a credit to their academies. I was also very proud of our students leaders as all the members of staff from the three visiting academies commented on how good they were with the younger students and praised their attitude.”
Mrs Ripley, Subject Leader of Dance at the Weston Favell Academy

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